European woolen carpet tiles are modern flooring option made from wool fibers that are used for residential & commercial spaces.

Carpet tiles are known for high durability,awesome colourful & unique pattern appearances, insulation properties e.t.c.

Woolen carpet tiles offer various design options as they come in wide range of colours ,patterns & textures. The carpet tiles are soft , luxurious,warmth & gives a cozy atmosphere in interior Spaces.

European Woolen carpet tiles are DIY friendly ( Do It Yourself ) They are easily replaced & removed incase of renovation/ relocation and also can be easily removed / changed when stained .


✔️Regular cleaning / vacuum

✔️Stained tiles can be removed and washed

✔️Can be swept & brushed

Different colours & design can be mixed together. Red colour combo for carpet tiles include :

  • Neutral Colours such as grey carpet tiles ,beige or cream can create and elegant look & tone down the intensity of red & create a classic aesthetic when combined with red .
  • Colours adjacent to red such as orange carpet tile can be combined with red carpet tiles to create harmonious & warm colour scheme.
  • Blue colour carpet tiles when combined with red carpet tiles creates visually pleasing contrast .
  • Green color carpet tile is a complementary colour to red can create a striking contrast .
  • Patterned tiles that incorporate a combo of red carpet tile & other colours can add flexibility & visual interest when combined in a space .

The choice of colour combo depends on the atmosphere you want to create !!

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Residential Wear Warranty 15 years