Installation Training

Our program features an ever-evolving curriculum designed to teach foundational basics and keep flooring installers up to date with cutting-edge trends, technologies, and techniques.

Experts regularly review the curriculum to keep it current and make sure it’s the best it can be.

There are many steps in a flooring installation which needs to be completed correctly and skillfully for a successful outcome. Our training program will help develop the following skills:

  • Estimating and layout of the flooring
  • Proper storage, handling, and acclimation of the materials and jobsite
  • How to qualify and prepare the subfloor
  • Fitting the flooring to walls and edges
  • Proper adhesives and their application
  • Seaming techniques and treatments
  • Specialty installations such as flash cove sheet Floor Finish and design work
  • Finishing the job: installation of trims and moldings
  • Repairs: tile and plank replacements

Form Price: ₦85,000

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