Experience luxurious warmth and durability  with our high quality woolen carpet tiles.

woolen carpet tiles offers a  durable flooring solutions . They are made from high quality wool fibres , their  exquisite designs and superior performance ,our woolen carpet tiles brings warmth and sophistication to residential & commercial spaces.

Their versatile designs and patterns complements any interior aesthetics from modern to traditional designs.

Installation tips for woolen carpet tiles :

  • Ensure the sub floor is clean , dry and even
  • plan the layout or pattern flow to achieve a design you desire
  • apply the adhesive [white glue recommended ]
  • lay the tiles in the desired pattern , starting from the center and  consequently working towards the wall.
  • use a cutter  to trim around corner an door frames, make precise cuts to ensure a seamless fit.
  • for seamless edges & professional finishing , Install a wall skirting and profiles for clean transition.

FEATURES OF WOOLEN CARPET TILES :Easy to install and maintain ,high durability , stain resistance , anti alergy , noise reduction , natural and sustainable ,variety of design and ease of different colour and patterns combination .

Our high quality  woolen carpet tiles are ideal choice for :            Homes , offices , schools, lounges , hotels & shortlet, malls , gym , spa & beauty homes , show rooms , studios ,retail stores, board rooms , training rooms , living rooms , bedrooms , kids room and game rooms ,saloons , boutique , airports , cafe ,event centers , banks , hospitals and consultation rooms , e.t.c

They come in different colours , patterns and texture . the dimension of each woolen carpet tile is commonly 50cm by 50cm . However , 4 pieces of the tiles makes a square meter !1

Woolen carpet tiles offer versatility and longetivity , therefore making them a popular choice for indoor flooring projects . Discover the perfect blend of elegance , timeless beauty ,  practicality  and lasting comfort with high quality woolen carpet tiles today .

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Residential Wear Warranty 15 years