SPC Vinyl Wood Floor  Stands for STONE PLASTIC WOOD COMPOSITE  vinyl flooring . SPC FLOORS  are engineered luxury vinyl that combines limestone and stabilizers to produce an extremely durable core .

They are type of  engineered wood flooring    made from combination of stone , plastic & wood composite  with a printed wood grain layer to produce a highly durable wood floor. The stone plastic core provides stability and durability hence making it resistant to moisture , scratches and dents. The printed wood grain layer gives the floor a realistic natural wood layer , however  the wear layer adds further protection against wear and tear.


Discover  SPC  vinyl  wood floor  with ultimate performance & water proof quality in flooring industry . Highly durable , 100% water proof & fire resistance . Engineered to withstand heavy traffic and offer lasting charms .

SPC wood floor  are known for its ease of installation [click installation  mode with no adhesive required], low maintenance , high durability , sound proof , eco friendly and ofcourse they are water proof wood floors !

In the realm of flooring opions , Spc vinyl  wood  flooring has emerged   is a new generation (modern ) wood flooring .

Since Spc floors are highly durable, water resistant, formaldehyde free, with awesome decorative designs . No colour fading , no need for glue as it’s click type & Diy friendly . These features presents Spc flooring as top quality flooring option .

DIMENSION :  Lenght 1220 x width 180mm

THICKNESS :4mm ,5mm ,8mm


WEAR LAYER : 0.3/0.5mm

USAGE : Indoor


1sqm : 4PCS

PRICE : Per square meter

Carton qty  : 10pcs

Carton packing :2.236 square meter



Combining the natural beauty of wood with unmatched durability of SPC floors , this flooring solution offer lasting charm and resilence for any environment.

Explore a wide range of styles and finishes to transform your residential or commercial spaces with ease,

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SPC Fibre Floor


Residential Wear Warranty 15 years