Cushion vinyl flooring combines the best of two worlds – the durability and easy maintenance of traditional vinyl with the cushioned comfort of resilient backing. This unique hybrid flooring solution provides superior underfoot comfort and sound absorption compared to standard vinyl planks or tiles. Cushion vinyl makes an excellent choice for high-traffic areas where you spend significant time standing or walking, such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basement playrooms.

The cushioned vinyl’s backing consists of a closed-cell foam or fibrous cushioning material. This yielding underlayment gently compresses with each step, reducing impact and leg fatigue. It also helps minimize joint stress from prolonged standing. The soft backing insulates against cold floors, enhancing warmth and coziness underfoot. You won’t need to install a separate underlayment – the cushioning layer functions as a built-in underlayment, simplifying installation.

Cushion vinyl flooring comes in a wide variety of styles from realistic wood and stone looks to vibrant colors and patterns. Many options feature embossed textures carefully mimicking the natural grains and textures found in authentic hardwood, tile, and stone. Despite its soft feel, cushion vinyl maintains excellent durability and water resistance. Spills wipe up easily from the protective wear layer.

Thanks to the combination of cushioned backing and durable vinyl construction, these floors provide exceptional comfort without sacrificing resilience. The cushioned backing absorbs sound, while the tough wear layer protects against dents and scratches. With comfort-focused engineering and stylish design options, cushion vinyl flooring suits active households seeking a practical yet comfortable solution. It delivers low-maintenance luxury at an affordable price point.