Door end is a type of mould /interior product installed at the termination point of a door . It serves as boundary between interior and exterior spaces of a room .

Door end is also known as door stopper . It plays crucial role in regulating in regulating flow of installed floor and covering the sharp edges of installed floors . It refers to the specific design and structure of the door transition that complements the installed  floor.

The door stopper /end is the final element in transition between spaces , serving as both functional barrier and asthetical focal points . Crafted with precision and attention to details , it embodies the culmination of architectural design and craftmanship .

Every aspect of the product is engineered to ensure seamless operation and durability . Wether the space is grand entrance or joint with another room , they commands attention with its timeless elegance and understated  sophistication.

The door profile serves as a transition between the flooring of two different rooms or spaces1. It’s designed to provide a seamless look between the door and the  flooring. It also helps protect the edges of the flooring from wear and tear.

The door profile  is made from the same material as the flooring for a consistent look. It’s typically installed at the same time as the flooring to ensure a perfect fit.

In conclusion, a door profile  is an essential component that enhances the overall aesthetic of the space and ensures the longevity of the floor.all wooden floors requires this door profile or  door end installation . Apart from the functionality  of this product, they are asthetically pleasing  and as well enhances the overall ambiance of any space

dimension = 2.4meters lenght

1 lenght covers 2 doors

installation type :glue down

type of glue : silicon

price qouted is per 1 lenght.