Discover the epitome of elegance with our Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring  (LVT).

LUXURY VINYL WOOD  TILE is a durable , low maintenance and affordable vinyl flooring design  which replicates the look and textures  of natural hard wood materials . Consequently Luxury Vinyl tiles (LVT) IS  also known as  vinyl wood flooring or luxury vinyl plank .

Futhermore , they are crafted  with multiple layers including a resilent vinyl core,a design layer featuring high definition printing and a protective wear layer. This combination provides exceptional resistance to scratches , water and stains , making it suitable for various spaces such as kitchens , bathrooms and commercial settings .

Luxury Vinyl tiles flooring  typically offers  a sleek  and durable surface that resembles natural wood flooring materials . Despite its thin profile , it boasts high quality construction floor designed to withstand heavy foot traffic  & resists scratches , stains and moisture.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles comes in variety of styles , colors , patterns and thickness   thereby offering endless design possibilities to suit any aesthetics  .

However, there are various thickness of luxury vinyl tiles such as 1mm , 1.2mm 1.5mm , 1.8mm ,2mm  and 2.5mm thickness. (The thickness qouted above is 1.8mm thickness. 7 pieces of luxury vinyl tiles makes a square meter , hence the price qouted above =1square meter =7pieces of lvt.)


  • Water resistant
  •  highly durable
  • Scratch and dent resistant
  • Requires adhesive for installation
  • Low maintenance
  • Fire resistant
  • Natural wood look and texture
  • Eco friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Thickness 1.8mm
  • suitable for residential and commercial indoor spaces such as Sitting rooms, bedrooms ,kitchens ,toilets e.t.c

In conclusion , luxury vinyl tile wood  flooring is popular  choice due to its durability ,affordability and ease of maintenance . Hence  recommended for  indoor spaces such as home flooring , office flooring , hotels , stores and malls , lounge , schools , saloons , studios , shops , gym ,yoga room , boardrooms , classrooms ,hospitals ,reception areas , beauty palours & spa e.t.c

Additional information


Vinyl Floor


Residential Wear Warranty 15 years


Grey, Dark Brown, Light Brown